• New website

    We are changing especially for you. We invite you to visit our new website. We hope that thanks to changes, which we have introduced, you will find all the necessary information faster. Have a nice surfing.

    • New THT calculator

      In order to improve cooperation with companies, we have introduced a new bookmark (price) on our website. Thanks to this, you will be able to easily check the prices of our services and devices. Additionally, you will be able to order without sending offer inquiries.

  • 3D printer optimalization

    In order to satisfy you, our Production Design and Optimization Department carry out its job with passion and commitment. This effort contributes to the continuous improvement of our products and services. We have modified the parameters of 3D printers. That is why we are able to offer you prints having very thin layers. We encourage you to check our offer (3D printing).

    • Introduction of a new unit for 3D printing

      While working on the development of 3D printing, our Design and Production Optimization Department introduced a new unit describing the quality of 3D prints, which is SPI (sheet per inch). By SPI is meant the amount of printed sheets per 1 inch. The SPI value directly determines the smoothness of the print surface: the higher the SPI, the smoother the surface of the printed elements is obtained. More information will be available soon on our website and on Wikipedia.